Holidays San Vincenzo

Campiglia Marittima
Campiglia Marittima is an old, quaint village where the charm of the medieval is fused with nature.
Visiting Campiglia you will be able to discover the charm of its thermal springs, immersed in the luxurious greenery typical of the Etruscan coast or you can visit the archaeology and mining park of San Silvestro.
Nature, relaxation and sport make this place a little jewel worth a visit.

Famous resort, known for its tree-lined street and the wines that succeed in its land, and therefore particularly valuable in the world famous, Bolgheri goal is not to be missed from these parts.

Populonia is famous for the various different Etruscan tombs, scattered over the whole area, which invite you take a route backwards through the centuries to a mysterious and fascinating world.
Situated on the summit of a hill surrounded by sea, it still has the medieval walls which were constructed to defend itself against the barbarian pirates, and the defensive complex of the fortress which was built in the first half of the 16th Century by Jacopo II Appiani.
Inside the walls is hidden a small quaint 14th century village
From the medieval fortress which can be visited, an exceptional view opens out of all the plains below and the Tuscan archipelago

Suvereto appears on a hill not far from the sea.It is among the oldest of the villages in the Val di Cornia.
Its origins are to be found in fact in the period of the fall of the Roman empire, when for reasons of military security the coastal population moved to the hill area.
The centre of the town still preserves its historic and artistic characteristics, making it possible for those who walk though the village to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a bygone age.

Baratti is a splendid natural port and represents the perfect synthesis between the beauty of the sea and the sunsets, and the picturesque archaeological presence of the ancient Etruscan tombs scattered around the area.


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